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The key component of most of the online communities and Social Networking Sites (SNS) in particular, is the user profile, which plays a role of a self-advertisement in the aggregated form.While some scientists investigate privacy implications of information disclosure, others test or generate social and behavioral hypotheses based on the information provided by users in their profiles or by interviewing members of these SNS.Glossy hematite-coated fault surfaces in the Wasatch fault footwall damage zone, Utah (USA), exhibit evidence of hematite cataclasis and preserve Pliocene hematite (U-Th)/He dates.Apatite (U-Th)/He and fission track data from the host gneiss indicate footwall unroofing through ∼2 km by ca. Internally reproducible but disparate hematite (U-Th)/He dates 4.5 Ma and younger from isolated locations on a single fault surface do not reflect ambient cooling.Techniques directly dating fault slip are few, limiting the ability to interpret the rock record of seismicity.Hematite is commonly found in fault zones, amenable to (U-Th)/He dating, and slip surface hematite may be reset by shear heating events and/or recrystallization.

Every August, the Ault Fall Festival takes place which is similar to the "harvest-type" festivals still held in many communities.

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The results show that while Russian language and culture are unifying factors for people’s interaction on the dating site, the patterns of self-disclosure are different across countries.

Some geographically close countries exhibit higher similarity between patterns of self-disclosure which was also confirmed by studies on cross-cultural differences and personality traits.

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