High school musical dating

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Vincent Ventresca played Monica's on and off boyfriend "Fun Bobby".

It is a part of the Jefferson County Public School District.In the photograph there are ten hands clearly appearing to give the salute.Another image showed a cluster of students in one section of the crowd raising their hands and one other lone supporter in a different area of the bleachers.Young love - especially when it's with the star of the football team - can make a girl crazy. In pre-Depression, small-town Kansas, good-girl Natalie Wood is so tortured by her sexual urges for beau Warren Beatty and conflicting pressure to be moral that she attempts suicide after a school dance and ends up in a sanitarium.It's the ultimate depiction of overwhelming first love, and - sorry, religious right - a chilling PSA against the dangers of teen abstinence. But when your entire family forgets your birthday, it only makes that day worse.

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