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Under South Carolina law known as “bystander recovery,” a parent who witnesses their child being attacked by a dog may receive compensation for the emotional turmoil they endured.In many cases, dog attack victims are left psychologically scarred by the event, which can later manifest into a fear of going outdoors or animal encounters.It was the ninth straight win over the Bulldogs (20-1, 6-1) who ceded control of the conference to three-time defending champion South Carolina. Victoria Vivians could've tied the game at 62 after getting fouled on a 3-pointer with 18.6 seconds left.But after hitting the first two free throws, Vivians' final attempt rattled away and the ball went out of bounds off the Gamecocks.(Reuters) - South Carolina's motor vehicles agency will change its driver's license photo policy as part of a settlement reached with a transgender teenager who was required to remove her makeup for her picture last year, lawyers said on Wednesday.Chase Culpepper, 17, accused the state Department of Motor Vehicles of sex discrimination and violating her free speech rights in a lawsuit filed in federal court in September.I am old enough that 1) If I took something from my teacher’s desk 2) If I dared to leaf through it 3) If I ever uttered the words, “Your day of reckoning is coming” to ANY ADULT IN THE WORLD — my day of reckoning would have already arrived.I would have been thrown out of school, no questions asked, which would not have mattered, since my parents would have grounded me for life.

— South Carolina coach Dawn Staley was proud to take part in a showcase game with Mississippi State.

And, until Friday, after the public outcry had grown loud, the student had not been punished or charged. The interim superintendent of the Union County School District, David Eubanks, seemed to blame Arthur, the teacher, far more than he blamed the student.

He called the photo “inappropriate material,” claimed she wasn’t where she was supposed to be during the four-minute break between classes and criticized her for not having the phone locked with a passcode. And if someone leaves keys in a car, is it all clear for his students to go joyriding? But the superintendent actually suggested to a news outlet that Arthur, 33, may have been guilty of corrupting a minor.

The Gamecocks just made most of them down the stretch.

Allisha Gray had 16 of her 17 points in the final two quarters to fuel the comeback for South Carolina (17-1, 7-0 SEC), who trailed 35-28 at halftime and down 48-46 late in the third quarter.

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