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Please see also "In case you do not get a reply to your e-mail..."For security reasons, please DO NOT contact me via messenger services, such as Whats App, Signal, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, Hangouts (former Google Talk), Snapchat, Threema, Skype, Slack, Hip Chat, Line, etc. In principle, your rubber date can take place any time, it shall be determined in accordance with your date possibilities and with my appointment book.A selected rubber slut and I then travel to this date just for you.i love when a different person narrates because i like how they each say "ECHO PARQUE"! i always used to call Echo Park "ECHO PARQUE" but i didnt know it was cos of Mi Vida Loca!!! and then all these bitches keep talking to each other and say "firme'" alot and stuff. i don't want to get tooo into it because i dont want to ruin it for you sluts, but trust me, hot shit happens.

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If any possible, you should also specify a phone number under which you are can be reached easily! (with styled text) Please do NOT set your possible virus- or SPAM-filter that way that all html-mails or mails with attachments (photos) will automatically be deleted!! :-( Please also make sure that your service provider hasn‘t set the a general filter that way...!!

But then, just as I was ready to start, I realized my phone battery was about to die, and having a bit experience with sexting, I knew I would need more juice. I joked with guards that I would be thinking of them when I was inside.

(Har.) The curator, Travis Chamberlain, (who, full disclosure, I have met before, he’s a friend of a friend, but I don’t know him) kindly offered his phone. I mean, how uncomfortable for them to be sitting outside that room knowing what was going on in there? I think he felt sorry for me; that I would buy into this hoopla.

so when in my Bronze Screen class we were given the assignment to watch a Latino based film and write a paper about it, i decided this would be a good opportunity to watch this shit....bitches, it was dope!

Mi Vida Loca is seriously the hottest movie for the hottest of sluts.

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