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Not a phrase, but I hate when people overuse "seriously." My boss did that and I wanted him to die for it (and some more glaring reasons I won't go into).I could no longer take him seriously when he said the word in every sentence.

The 23-year old went undrafted last year, but had 10 carries for 27 yards for the Jets.

One of the areas where I've embraced her influence is my wardrobe, which historically has been an incoherent collection of ill-fitting souvenirs from my past. My Enlightenment has extended beyond what I wear to how I wear it.

Laura gently alerted me to this shortcoming one day when I emerged dressed for an outing in a tight white t-shirt with off-white stripes and an inexplicable breast pocket. In the Dark Ages BL (Before Laura), I would have told you that only dweebs tuck in their shirts.

She looked at me as a Civil War medic looks at a soldier with a gangrenous leg. Preparing for another outing, I button up a new Ralph Lauren oxford, allowing the shirttails to dangle freely. And I tuck some more, and now I feel downright improper unless the entirety of my pants is visible.

I am deftly reprimanded, and protest like a six year old clinging to a pacifier. At a recent apartment party with my demographic, I looked around in mounting horror to see every other male letting his shirt run free. But I stand strong with my shirttails respectably contained, a bastion of civility in a pack of apes.

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