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There had to be some reason, something that I could fix and then men would just start lining up to ask me on dates. Some of my friends were so good at flirting, it was actually amazing to watch, but they still didn’t have boyfriends. He’s not finding it impossible to find someone because I don’t go to enough parties or I’m not loud enough. ” I started collecting stories, waiting to find that thing that each person had to arrive at before they could cross the line into being . Some of my friends had never even been asked out on a date, and then one day someone asked, and then later they married him.And they, too, are concerned about what they're doing wrong.Most of the time they don’t know if the problem is them or just that they haven’t met that one woman who will fix everything, but they are committed to doing what it takes to fix the problem.According to Pew Research Data from 2012, one in five adults 25 and older have never married, whereas in 1960 it was fewer than one in ten (9%).Census data from 2014 shows that 45% of US residents 18 and older are unmarried, but in many parts of the country we are now at the point where the majority of households are headed by single people.

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Wonderful" then all the women out there should be licking his, erm, "toes." Anyway, bottom line is, you can be totally hot and have other people not want to date you and still be hot. They don't have to and it doesn't make you less of a person., calls the “greatest social change of the last 60 years that we haven’t already named and identified” I would have been horrified—namely because the social change he is referring to is the decline in marriage and the rise of the single population.While, admittedly, there are worse things in life than being single, for someone who loved being raised in a large family and looked forward to having her own—this is no small bit of bad news.While everyone has his or her own personal story, a look at the cultural influences of our time is very revealing.I call these influences the “Seven C’s of Self-Centered Singleness.” I’m not saying we singles are all selfish folk —but we do live in an unprecedentedly self-centered culture which constantly bombards us with messages about putting “me” first.

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