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To top it all off, she has a super-cute dog named Starfox and recently rubbed shoulders with Jared Leto.

Some treated You Tube like a diary, or used it to stay in touch with each other, or posted about the things they bought at Topshop.

When Tyler Oakley first started his You Tube channel in 2007, he was a freshman at Michigan State University with a webcam.

Since launching her “Superwoman” channel back in 2010, the Canadian-Indian You Tuber has got herself 10 million subscribers and over 1.5 billion views.She initially started making You Tube videos to help her with her depression.While she had been busy toiling away at her undergraduate degree in Psychology and pondering a career in counseling, she decided to try her hand at You Tube., a You Tube series she launched with her backup-dancer-cum-best-friend, Mandy Jiroux. We all know where Cyrus is now, whether we want to or not. Well, she has been busy, too — and not dancing for Miley.The show basically consisted of five-minute webcam videos of the two girls sitting on the floor of Cyrus' bedroom — and having giggle-fits of the magnitude that only teenaged BFFs can. The now-blonde 28-year-old (she's five years older than Cyrus) is a self-described singer, dancer, choreographer, and DJ.

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