Who is brandon mychal smith dating

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(and he should have because Tyra Banks….) Smith was driving his Roll-Royce in Burbank last seek and he overshot a red light.He basically almost ran through it, and then backed up to the white line.The series is one of the three Disney Channel Original Series to feature a show-within-a-show, along with The Famous Jett Jackson and Shake It Up.On June 1, 2009, TV Guide reported that Disney Channel had renewed Sonny with a Chance for a second season, with Gary Marsh saying "Sonny was a hit right out of the gate".A social leader, Kennedy definitely has a magnetic cool-factor, but she's no mean girl.She's been dating campus king Dylan Davis for the last three years, but she still puts effort and energy into arranging mixers for her sorority sisters, for whom she would do anything.Like most of Disney Channel's sitcoms, it is shot on tape but uses a "filmized" appearance.

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We were totally sad to see her go and apparently we weren’t the only ones. We got a chance to sit down and chat with Brandon and he gave us the scoop on what we can expect from this season.

Add Brandon to the long list of Disney stars who continue to find themselves in trouble. ” Brandon has been around for years as a character actor.

His career started in 2002 but he is best known probably for his roll in Hannah Montana as Ricky Jones.

The police were on the other side of the intersection.

As if being a 28 year old, Black man in a Rolls Royce wasn’t suspicious enough, overshooting the light gave them probable cause to pull Smith over.

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