Panther vs cougar dating

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Let us look at some of the differences between puma and cougar women.

A puma, in general, is a woman in her late 20s or 30s who dates younger men who are in their 20s. They wear the most modern fashionable dress and love listening to the trendiest music.

You might be able to find a few networks out there that update as frequently as Dogfart (there aren't many) but none of them are focused on interracial entertainment like we are!

In "The Cougar Almanac: A Complete Natural History of the Mountain Lion," Robert H.

Busch lays out the derivation of the puma’s two best-known names, both of which have their roots in South America.

Native Americans and Euro-Americans have bestowed numerous other epithets upon P. Busch mentions just a few of the many indigenous North American monikers, including the Cree “Katalgar" -- “Greatest of Wild Hunters" -- and the Chickasaw “Ko-Icto,” which means “Cat of God.” Christopher Columbus referred to the New World’s “lions,” and some settlers applied the name “tiger” or "tyger" to the puma, though this most commonly referred to the jaguar.

Early American colonists commonly called the carnivore “catamount” or “carcajou,” a French-Canadian/Algonquin term more widely used for the wolverine.

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